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About us

Kkopin company


Art, video, performance, production, production, content, events

It is a comprehensive entertainment managed.

In addition, exclusive artists from various fields are affiliated and are active.

Systematic education and training for nurturing the next generation of talent

We are constantly conducting research.


Create new content through deep understanding and convergence of various content

It is the company's credo to lead the trend and contribute to a good influence on society.

In order to lead the global market, through various businesses,

Talents with long-term practical experience and know-how are working together.



understand the importance of communication

Always present a new direction with an attitude of learning and acceptance

As we constantly devote ourselves to creating value together,

People as beautiful as flowers are in our arms.



2020 / 04      Established flower company

2021 / 08      Beijing Club in CHINA Artist Agreement Signed

2021 / 09      Flowerfin Entertainment Korea Headquarters expansion and relocation

2021 / 10      Established Flower Academy school

2021 / 12      samkim's party and Fly With DJ collaboration performance

                     Opening YouTube channel Flowerpin Friends


2022 / 01      Yangyang Tan Beach Celebrity Party [organized and hosted]

2022 / 05      Gwangmyeong Take Hotel event [organized and hosted]


2022 / 06      Cheongdam Party P Lounge Flower Party

2022 / 07      Hamilton Hotel Flower Pin & Recious & Media Bridge Pool Party [Sponsored]

2022/08     DJ Kato Thailand performance and tour [organized and hosted]


2022/10      GREED Flowering Halloween Party [hosted and hosted]

· 국가무형문화재 사기장 브랜드공연 (special guest 참여)

· Mlc 홈런더비 페스티벌 (special guest 참여)

· 군산 미군부대 행사(special guest 공연)

· 신사그리드 라운지 꽃핀할로윈파티 진행

· 라스트2022 꽃핀 파티진행

· 신사 그리드 라운지위탁 운영

· 싱가폴 luna club (special guest 공연)

· 이태원 펌킨 비쥬얼쇼크파티 진행

· 양양 탄비치 클럽&리조트 꽃핀 판타지 파티 진행

· 베트남 다낭 썬월드 페스티벌 디제이 소싱 및 음악감독 계약 체결

· 골드바 위스키 런칭 파티 (special guest 공연) 

· 서울 성수 s-factory 아스터 콘서트 (special guest 공연)

· 이태원 클럽비치 라운지 오픈 

· 서울 워터밤 (special guest 공연)

· (예정) 양양 두둥실 크레이지 버블 풀파티 (special guest 공연)

· (예정) 일본 도쿄 워터밤 (special guest 공연)

· (예정) 일산 원마운트 코스프레 버블 풀 파티 주관 주최 

· (예정) 버레스크코리아 주관 주최

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